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TUFS English Learning Center (ELC)


Comprehensive English Learning Support

English Learning Center (ELC) supports the autonomous learning of all TUFS students regardless of their majors and departments. With the objective of developing English language competence in students, ELC provides diverse English learning programs and uses multilateral approaches to asess students’ proficiency.


Autonomous Learning Support Programs

Speaking Program

Students can practice speaking English with advisors in small group discussion sessions. By engaging in conversation with people from various backgrounds, students are given ample opportunities to experience variations of English (such as British, American, Canadian, and Indian English), which will foster their international attitudes. Furthermore, students can improve their academic and practical English skills while sharpening their cognitive and thinking skills through academic and business sessions. Consistent participation in the ELC speaking program will assist students in gaining the confidence to succeed not only in school but also in their future endeavors.

Writing Program

By using Criterion developed by ETS (the developer of TOEIC and TOEFL Tests), students can practice academic writing as well as writing across various genres with instant feedback and assessment. We also offer a service called “Writing Support Desk” to provide feedback on students’ writing (Wednesday and Friday only). Undergraduate students can bring their writing to the desk, where English advisors (native speakers of English who have background in TESOL as well as teaching Writing) give effective advice to improve their writing.
Writing Corner

e-Learning Program

Various online listening programs offered by ELC can strengthen language processing and critical thinking skills. A vocabulary building program which contains 12,000 words, developed by ALC Education Inc., helps students build a solid vocabulary base.
e-Learning 2

English Library

In order to encourage students to read diversely, classics, best sellers, graded readers, English newspapers and magazines are available in our extensive. ELC subscriptions include; English Journal, CNN English Express, The Japan Times, The New York Times, etc.
English Library

English Lounge

The English Lounge started in April 2016 to encourage students to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment. Students can visit the Lounge and enjoy conversation in English with exchange students and graduate students majoring in English Education at TUFS. They also can ask questions about English usage or how to improve their English skills.

The English Lounge also hosts ELC seminars, where students listen to a short-lecture by English advisors and exchange students and then discuss the topic. We offer various seminar topics such as life and culture in other countries, tips for English learning, and current events.

English Lounge-2
English Lounge-1

Coordination with Global Linkage Initiative Program (GLIP)

ELC also works in cooperation with the “Global Linkage Initiative Program” (GLIP), which is designed to develop students’ English skills in the classroom and also offers programs linked to these GLIP English classes.

TUFS English Learning Center
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